Drop a cookie on the floor.  You have five seconds to pick it up before it’s covered with germs. Then yell, “Five-second rule!”  You are free to eat it without embarrassment.

J. T. Easterling, 4, dropped some Cheetos on the ground and is considering picking up the chips and eat them. If he does, he should yell, “Five second rule,” which would clear him of any legal obligations.

Considered an old wives’ tale, if you drop a piece of food on the floor, and you still want to eat it, do so within a certain time frame, and yell, “Four-second rule!”

Some people might consider it the three-second rule, seven-second rule, eight-second rule or even the ten-second rule. It’s considered unsafe to eat the food in fear of bacteria or parasites invading food.

The rule seems to apply for cookies, candies, rolls, chips or anything chocolate. The rule doesn’t apply to vegetables or pastas, such as green beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce or spaghetti.

That reminds of the “Friends” television show where several of the main characters dropped a perfectly delicious cheese cake on the floor. They got out their forks and laid down on the floor like it was a dining room table. They had their cake and ate it, too.

So, what would you do?  Are there exceptions to the rule? Are rules made to be broken? And how long will it take you to yell, “Five-second!”